Promoting Health

Promoting Health

There are many good reasons for making sure you are in a good state of health. Most of them are pretty obvious where it can mean the difference between being able to be active and participate in all the good things that life has to offer and not.

But how do you go about promoting your own good health?

For most people, it simply means eating the right foods, getting plenty of exercise and fresh air every day and drinking sufficient water to stay properly hydrated and to help digestion, which is an important consideration if you intend to lose weight (see:, improve your physical appearance or fitness levels. There are other factors at work too, that are not so obvious but are equally important to the overall picture of health.

These are mental in nature. A person's state of mind can affect their health in many ways, from subtle influences to major changes. It mainly depends on the kind of emotions that are running through the person's mind and they are influenced both by what is going on in the world around them and what their predominant thoughts are.

When those emotions are strongly negative, such as feelings of hatred, anger, resentment, frustration or guilt for instance, then the person's health can become degraded over time. That degradation can become serious enough to bring about health problems, sickness and even life threatening conditions if not checked. But when those emotions are strongly positive, such as feelings of joy, happiness, love and bliss, then the person's heath actually improves!

There is not much we can do about the world around us, but we can shut some of it out if we really want to. Take the TV news, for instance. Its mostly about all the bad things that are going on around the world and at home, for the pure and simple reason that bad news attracts far more viewers than good news. Strange but true.

If you watch the news every day and sometimes several times a day, you are being bombarded by bad news that makes you angry at the injustice that you are watching and frustrated because you can't do anything about it, except get angrier inside your own mind. Maybe you play out long, angry arguments with imaginary people about what you see on the news and that just stirs up even more hatred, anger, resentment and frustration.

Do you see what's happening? 

You are making yourself ill by getting so negative inside and the worst part about it is that no one else suffers except you.

You can change that by simply not watching the news or reading newspapers, for that matter! Sure, you might argue that you need to stay informed, but why? Why do you want to know about these things and get angry over things that you can do nothing about? 

I'll repeat the important bit: "YOU CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!"

So spend your time doing good things and thinking about happy thoughts and instances that have run or are running through your life. You'll feel better, be happier and guess what? Your health will improve all by itself!